Sunday, September 20, 2009

Excited about fitness

I was amazed that lately i'm really active online whether it is twitter,facebook and youtube. I know i have plenty of time but still the distribution is not balance with other important things that need to be done. So lately, i'm not doing any product review because everything is simply the same no new product that i tried. Anyways i'm back into my fitness programme, i'm happy that i have friends that have similar passion although they are not from my country, health and fitness is very global besides it is related to everyone young and old. I know i get bored with the same old routine and that is why i decide to come up with my own workout schedule seems that i mix and match everything. Hopefully i stick to this schedule because mixing cardio and sculpt/strength so that i get visible result. i try to stay focus with what i plan. Trying out something new i guess, staying motivated with myself because it is all in my mind, regardless of how many people laugh at me, hey let me have the last laugh. I make an update on my youtube so that i know that i am committed and it is just something like a promise to myself.