Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm addicted

Hey u guys, i know i'm not such an active blogger but i do write something once i a blue moon that is, Well, lately i have this 3 major addiction, games in facebook, perfume (victoria secret to be exact) and eating. Well, i think being lonely and jobless i glued myself to the internet more compared to when i was working, Getting in touch with some of my friends and other things i did was game, it is not as many as before but i do play cafeworld, farmville, fishville,petville, ville..... lol. Phew, it was hard work to become a millionaire in games don't want to imagine in real life that is. Eating, i been eating and adding on weight, not successful i think for me the lose weight huh, well i'm going to keep trying, sometimes it's not easy when your bros keep on eating and i watch, i can't stand the temptation, anyways i promise myself whether i'm fat or slim i continue on exercising. How to not feel hungry if not eating, can anyone answer. Back to perfume addiction, i got Victoria Secret Secret Garden Romantic Wish Body Wish, smells fresh, fruity n very relaxing, i totally love it, wanting to buy more but don't have the money, sometimes i wish malaysia have victoria secret so i can buy their products, it's sucks actually, anyways still going to hope i can tone down this addiction at least it not that bad, tell me how u do it guys... see ya