Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow, 3rd January, blogging away again today. It's raining outside, it's still monsoon season. I have this feeling when it rain i feel depressed that my clothes are not dry. Hey, i should be thankful because rain is a sign a blessing of god to us. The rain wet all those dry land. They are being refresh, you know like how we showered and drink, that is just the same principle apply. Plus i still remember when, i was studying back in secondary school, i used to get wet a lot when going to/back from school, i will not wait for the rain to stop because it will rain for hours and hours. I do like the cold weather, this is when i borrow my bro n my mum's sweater or long sleeve shirt. I am lil bit naughty. My cat looks boring when it rains because they can't go for a walk, they will sleep during the rain and go out play,work and explore just right after the rain stop. animals know when it's going to rain, my cat kimchi will come home right before the rain starts pouring.Hey i love when it rains not that i hate, just sometimes i just can get used to the rain and wetness everyday. Be bless during the rain.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

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Wow. today is already 2nd January 2010. My first entry on 2010, while others celebrate new year's eve at the most happening place, i was at home helping consoling a friend because she is too stress about her job. I think new year is just like any other day, the calender change some numbers and it's just a new day. Do i need a resolution, yes but resolution will stay as a resolution if i did not do something to change/achieve it. I see the world differently now it is all because of 2012 the movie of course. Life is short, i want mine to be really meaningful not to waste anymore things/money, time and whatever things that is not necessary. I will not do any specific goals for now because i have to evaluate/look back at things, well it is a lot. I'm looking forward to change/add/less certain things. I'm going to a checklist about it too. Well today, i saw a blog writer which is so famous and there are a lot of followers, does it really matters, well no, blog are suppose to be you, about you, what are you,who are you, there's no need to seek for popularity, for me it is just a medium to release something in my mind. Well, whatever it is i'm happy about myself, i no longer feel stress,i'm calm, i don't cry and weep easily like i use too, i want to change and i will. Happy New Year 2010, let it bring the best for us. Sadhu!Sadhu!Sadhu!