Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pleasures By Estee Lauder

I always love scents, mostly people who knows me very well, know i am a perfume junkie, a fragrance addict n one of the perfume i love the most is Estee Lauder Pleasures. The name itself met the purpose, it does give me the pleasure, each time purchasing perfume i always compare it to Pleasures. Pleasures is more of a scent that is elegant, classic and timeless. It's floral notes remind me of a garden of flowers,it's not over powering, so subtle and mesmerizing. I feel very feminine wearing it, it's hard to explain but it gifts me the lift.The bottle design is simple, remind me of how simple thing can be so beautiful. I can never go wrong with it, will use it day n night. I totally love the scent. I used to work in a departmental stores in beauty and fragrance section, now matter how many new scent arrive each day,month or year, still love it, still wanting it,still using it n still...still... i'm been so loyal to the scent i could forget my ex boyfriend, when i take a sniff of it every time, i can easily recognized the pleasures scent , it stuck in my head,my mind n my nose of course... it's such a pretty scent. If anyone would like to order perfume here is a link for u guys to check out.