Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simplysiti Simply Perfect 2 Way Cake Review

Hello guys, yes i know i have not write a single word for few months i guess, busy with work, then the broadband line isn't that strong and smooth, anyways there's a few products i am using lately and i am totally impress with it.
I have been using maybelline foundations for few years now but just simplysiti's 2 way cake just caught my eyes and i am so helpless, so help me god. Here's the thing, i have combination to oily skin and if i choose the wrong 2 way cake i will look horrible, u can see traces of the powder becomes uneven n yuck!...
So the only place which sells simplysiti product is watsons personal care store, the moment the product hit the store... bam all seems to be sold out... ok moving on, i use the Perfect 2 Way Cake and my shade is natural beige or TWC02, it can be considered as fair because Dato Siti herself use the shade no1. Anyways the finish of the foundation is smooth, not cakey, however it does really be able to handle my oily skin especially my nose so i have to touch it up with my revlon colour stay pressed powder. The good part was it does cover all the imperfections and leaving my skin soft and smooth and it smells really good too.
Lets talk about the packaging, well it comes with a grey silverish compact with sponge n there is a protective plastic to cover the foundation from cracking and moisture which i have not found in any other product.
Well the downside is probably that it does not come with refill, so u guys have to purchase the whole thing but i'm sure they will come up with the refill real soon. As for the price it is in medium range i totally forget the price but it is above rm55. So to sum up i gave 4 star to this product.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Loreal Curl Power

Hello! i know iknow it has been quite sometime me being not that active, I'm having fever,flu and a bit too tired this days, Life is hectic.Anyways, today I am going to review another 2 products from Loreal Studioline. Well just take a look at the pics below

Ok i have 2 of above products which is the curly lotion and and the mouse the one with the blue colour.
Well the curly lotion does work,i use as much as required and scrunch it but i feel that it is quite thick on the hair, the smells is not quite appealing for my liking, it does give us the curls, u still be able to comb thru your hair. But the thing is the curl will not stay as long as the mouse.

Well my favorite would be the mouse the smell is so fresh and citrus, 1st i shake the bottle, turn it downwards, squeeze as big as an orange, and work the product to the hair. Scrunch and im good to go, it does not make the hair stiff, instead it makes my hair shiny and the curls stay so long , the product contains oil, so remember not to spread it all over ur scalp, as i have dry hair the the oil works wonders for my hair, it is well moisturize, and i love the way my hair looks, plus my hair becomes soft. ok the price of these 2 products is RM20- RM25 depends on where u buy and whther there's sales at the drugstore.

Personally i love the mouse and will keep buying it...LOVE IT!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyday is a learning process

Hello, mek in da house, oh yes, some might ask where am i, well i was busy with work and now back at home working. I don't have fancy table, well equipped with gadgets, i only have my old pc with broken printer. Sometimes it sucks totally when my monitor burst (total loss after that) and i bought phillips lcd monitor only 15 inch wide, then later my cpu keep restarts and unable to open, as a result new motherboard.

When i got home the whole thing looks different already n later me and my bro install Windows 7 to our not so up-to-date pc, later realizing we don't have any drivers, so working with updating the software online. But today my patience is put to the test when my old printer lexmark z615 is not compatible with windows 7, i was really upset that i was thinking of buying a new printer, lucky my lil bro was here with me and we were trying to look for some solutions and then try to download other printer from z600 series that could run with Vista, yeay it turn out ok, i was really happy it work out for me.

Later realizing that everyday is a learning process, we will learn from a very small thing it is just whether we realize or not, if we have problem don't just sit there and cry, seek help hahaha, in this case i was shouting and cursing of course, check my facebook wall updates lol. Oh well, technology is always changing it is up to us to seek for the knowledge right... well see u soon and you are the teacher of your ownself. Love and kissess..xoxo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've grown up!

Miki Boy climbing the window
Hello today i decide to thrown in updates of my beloved cats. Miki boy is now a big boy woohoo, he managed to catch his 1st mouse, i'm so proud of him, although rats are eeewwiii, yucky and not so handsome as Miki but still we bear to watch him toss and turn that poor creature, all this while he only kill cockroach and lizard. Mouse is a big deal because it's food and signs that he will be able to survive if later Miki boy choose to be an independent tabby.

I feel like a proud mom to it's child, unlike other people they brag about their babies i talk about me kitty. Because i have non yet, that why la. Ok again back to Miki Boy, every achievement example his 1st climb to the window,1st climb to car tyre, 1st time scratching wood to sharp nails by its own are achievement just like how babies achievement in clinic muahahahaha. It's a good sign just imagine i was there when he 1st came out to his 1st eye opening a week later to, his 1st crawl all over the house compound to his first visit to the garden, it is such a good thing. Just transfer that to a mom feeling when we achieve something, sure my mom proud like me. Even my mom get excited sometimes when she discover it quite late though.
Ok now the new challenge, coming soon miki is going to be a taiko(big brother) the mommy is carry babies now, so poor Miki boy can't get mummy milk now have to drink plain water. So the next challenge is to introduce Miki Boy to bro and sis and make sure he doesn't kill them by accident. So wait for that update soon, so i do have to teach cat what can and can not do because sometimes mummy cat are to lazy to teach. Lot of love till we see more updates of them ya.Chow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Cream

Hello! Hello! How are u guys doing? Well today i decide to review Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream. I been using this cream almost a year now since i lost my job, actually i couldn't afford to buy anything since i don't have a job. Well even now that i have part time job and i can buy other types of cream, i couldn't because i really love this cream and it does work.
Ok basically if you are 25 years and above, you can start using any types of anti-aging products. This cream contains SPF 15 for those who need those SPF, there is the ones with non SPF, in gentle for sensitive skin and 1 more is i believe the Touch of foundation. Ok now let me tell you about my skin, i have acne prone skin and oily all over, i also have fine lines above my eyebrows.
Ever since i start using total effects i get lots of compliments that my skin looks better, i don't really breakout unless near to menstrual cycle which is only a spot or too. It does lighten a bit my skin colour.It claims to gibes us 7 benefits which are
1. Line Minimization: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles
2. Nourishing Moisturization: For a radiant, healthy glow
3. Tone Enhancement: Balances color & reduces appearance of age spots
4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture
5. Pore Refinement: Minimizes the appearance of pores
6. Free Radical Defense: Helps prevent damage to skin’s surface
7. Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance

So it does what it claims to do. The price is RM21.90 for 20g if you want to try out but i usually buy 50g bottle and the price is around RM32.90 but it can differ to places some sell at RM39.90 and some at RM35.80. It comes in a pump and you have to take out the nozzle before you want to use. You have to press few times at first before the cream comes out. The consistency of the cream is lite like a lotion almost, it a bit scented and the colour is very light peach orange colour.The cream absorbs quickly and if you put on make up it glides on smoothly. Overall my skin becomes firmer,fairer,smoother and softer too.This cream is actually Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores)and oil-free too.
I also use the facial cleanser in all skin types.But next time i will buy the one for oily skin because the all skin types might be a little too oily for me. Over all i give 8.5 over 10 stars for this cream.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gatsby Scrub and Facial Cleanser

Black Mega Scrub
Hello, well i know that some of my followers are boys too, here is a good product that i had try myself almost everyday. This product is bought my brother Romie, sometimes i feel like changing my facial cleanser or scrub i do grab his stuff in the shower. Ok now like the ladies mens should also take good care of their skin. i know most are pretty lazy and rely on your soap to wash your face right but i do recommend you guys to try out this pick of mine, of course since i use it myself it is much better right.
Ok picture above is what my brother usually scrub his face with and i also use it as well, i alternate this scrub with my St. Ives. This is a charcoal scrub, fascinating fact right, so u will be surprise to see that it is black in colour. It scrub is so fine, it glides on smoothly and to me it is combine with facial cleanser too, this scrub is so gentle to use daily but i use it sometimes.Ok the charcoal is actually to deep clean and for oil controlling, no wonder my brother face is less oily than we are, we do test on how oily our skin is using the Clean & Clear Oil control Film(checkout) this entry on my blog in previous writing.You will fresh and the aqua scented fragrance is lovely.

Extra Cool Foam
Yeay my favorite menthol facial cleanser, it is called Extra Cool Foam, now this cleanser cleanse quite well and i love the cooling effect on me, definitely if use right after waking up, u will stay awake with the menthol effect. Ok this 2 facial scrub and cleanser does not dry the skin and right after using i can feel fresh and my skin does feel smooth too, no wonder my brother keep using this, i'm not sure the price but it is not expensive at all since my brother is still studying. Oh well, so do try and check this 2 product when you guys visit the pharmacy or the local personal store.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oil Control Film by Clean and Clear

Yeay! another product that i love. Wow amazing results i get from this product, it does instantly removes excess oil like it claims too.After using you feel the difference on your skin, of course i stay at home there's no need for me to put on my pressed powder unless i want to go out right.

This oil absorbing sheet is way better than the ZA ones, i personally think this because it is blue in colour so once oil is absorbs to the sheet you can see clearly that it turns clearer on the sheet, well you can see that on the used film ok and that is oil from my skin. Yucks! but it so true, i have to prove it works right, that the whole point here.
Ok so it's not that expensive it is only around RM8, there's 50 sheet in a pack and the one i bought is added another 10 which means i get 60 silky sheet to use. Thinking of staying matte all day, well i do give u some options right, well it also claims that it will not smudge our makeup and no residue is left on our skin. 2 thumbs up from me.

Click on the title for link to the web for clean & clear

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My fave facial mask from St Ives to Shiseido

Now welcome back to my page and this time it's facial mask. Although there is a lot of types of mask, i personally prefer clay mask, now the 1st ever clay mask i had use was from Oriflame, ever since that i really love clay mask. Ok so at the moment i'm using St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask, the packaging is new but the mask is still the same, well firming mask do make u feel the tightness/firmness on your face, plus if you use it after cleansing and scrubbing with the Apricot Scrub from St Ives, you will instantly feel the skin is well cleanse, soft,and firm plus i believe that clay does wonders for oily skin. Usually i use fair amount and leave it on for 20 minutes while watching television.

That is how i look with clay mask on...horrifying right!

Anyway back to the mask again another brand that i have tried is from Shiseido The Skincare Purifying Mask, i like this mask as well, although it is not as firming as the clay mask it does make your skin feel smooth and clean too. It smelled great and my skin feels so soft for days! woohoo!I do not really know the price but my guess it cost less than RM150, i got lots of 15 ml tubes given by my aunt, i don't know why she don't wanna use it.

Anyhow there's one more from Shiseido it is the Shiseido The Skincare Moisture Relaxing Mask, well this mask is for dry skin but i have tried it myself, well just massage the mask to skin and wait for 5 minutes and quickly rinse off, well as i have oily skin it does make the skin way much oily but it's moisturizing, but i dare not use as often probably once a month.Seriously if you have dry skin this would be good for you.

I have never try those sheet mask because i think it is not really economical. Well i use mask simply to make my skin feel fresh and as an added step to the deep cleansing, i don't go for facial like some other girls but hey i do take care of it, just remember you will stick to that face forever, just take care of it. So far i don't breakout that easy unless it's period.

Do let me know what type of mask you guys use and where can i get it too ya!

Happy Earth Day!

Don't u love nature

Well see the pretty green plants and river near Sg Soi

Protect the environment if you want to see me and my generations, says Miki Boy!

Happy Earth Day to everyone, yes everyone, well since you live on earth and so call earthlings(earth+darling maybe). Earth day is global therefore it should be celebrated, but what i'm quite pissed is there's this neighbour of mine who likes to do open burning, they stop doing during the day and now the trend is they do so at night. Everyday i'm suffocating and my eyes turn red.Imagine the discomfort on babies or how about animals, i bet if Miki Boy and Mak Meow will say PLS STOP OPEN BURNING, YOU ARE POLLUTING THE AIR! Well that is one thing, what are simple ways we can do to help mother earth,it's simple be a more responsible person. Don't over use water,electricity, reuse,reduce and recycle,plant more trees. Don't use stuff that is too much chemical that contains CFCs.
For me, people always talk more than act right, well we usually here those truck screaming "SURATKHABAR LAMA,OLD NEWPAPER,CHOU CHU PAW CHER" yes sell to those people, your newspapers,aluminum tins,bottle,old battery even old monitors and pc, these guys will sell to recycle centre, that if you are too lazy to go the recycle bins in your community.
Well now all those organics and biodegradable detergents are not so popular in my town but i sure want to use one, if anyone know about this please let me know ya. Do take a moment and think what can we do more for earth. i bet u still wanna see greens and rivers, other beautiful flora and cute animals.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Amazing i saw this cute white butterfly flying inside my house don't u guys think it is quite odd to see a white pretty butterfly. Although so pretty, butterfly is a form of insect and moth. Although they have such a short life span, Butterfly do provide lots of help to the ecosystem, they carry the flower and fruit pollen(sorry this might not be the correct term) but what i wanted to say was they carry those other flowers genes to other flower, which makes flower so pretty and smell good. hehe...god tussi great ho, god is great to make me realize how pretty this creature is, although you might not live long at least u stay in my blog forever.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pressed Podwer Comparisons

Now, here's goes my review on both powder.Note that this is a true and transparent view from me, it might not work for me but it might work for you.
Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, my color is 03 Stay Beige. Now i bought this powder for RM95, it is by far the cheapest among the high end quality brand. I love the green compact. it's classy and the shades is quite fine but i find that it is dioxide later. The powder goes on really smooth.However, it manage to give me a good coverage which covers my acne scar. However it does not really do much in terms of oil controlling for me. I find that i have to keep reapplying every 30 minutes which bothers me a lot but it does not look thick on your skin ,a plus point though, the oiliness is because i didn't use oil control facial cleanser, it lasted really long in terms of finishing the powder, it's great for touch up and for applying afte rthe foundation. Well, it comes with a refill if anyone would like too,still i love clinque's skincare range and the lipgloss too. Plus i'm a bigfan of Clinique Happy.

Ok i just bought Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder, the shade is Medium. So far they sell 3 shades Light, Light/Medium and Medium.The price is RM28.88. Now i try the powder at the drugstore and my brother said i don't look like i'm wearing/using any powder. I notice a bit of shine appears after 2 hours. It does not dioxide, which means it does not make me darker. It is very refine powder and i did compare it to Maybelline Clear Smooth, Garnier and in-2-it powder. Well the downside is the shades has not yet arrive for the ones who are tanner, so i would suggest trying the medium shades to see how it works. So i'm really impressed with the price because usually revlon is rm35-rm60.I don't think they will come up with refill because the price is consider really affordable, the packaging reminds me of M.A.C lol. Anyways looking forward to use this right after i finish my clinique powder. Hope you guys find my review a great benefit plus i have to give my pocket/wallet a bit rest since i have also purchase lipstick,mask and other stuff. Coverage is quite good.So checkout this 2 brands my pick.

Hot pink on lips...pheww

Me wearing the Iced Orchid.
Hello guys i went shopping yesterday, and for me it means i went to different malls and drugstore to get the stuff that i want. At 1st i thought of getting the Sweet Romance lipstick/lip gloss duo from Simplysiti but i change my mind because the reason was i actually want a plum/mauve lipgloss. I got lost kinda because i don't like the feel/texture of other lipgloss since i'm always a big fan of Revlon and Lancome lipgloss. But i did saw this new stack of Color Sensational Lipstick from Maybelline, now they repackage the lipstick and come up with new shades which i get too excited there but can't really try because i forget to bring tissue with me dang. so bought the tissue and test a few shades, although i like lots of other shades but i decided to buy the Maybelline MOisture Extreme Lipcolor from Color Sensational and the shades is in Iced Orchid, it's hot pink with a twist of mauve with a bit of purple undertone, which will make me look fairer and the color is so intense that one swatch on your lips is enough and if i pair it with a lipgloss it will look extra sexy. Now why do i need more lipstick right, well i lost a lipsctick and i finish my lipgloss so i guess it is ok to buy this time since i did not buy any lipsstick last year. Yes did not buy any last year.

So again there's a lot of other colours and i must say they did a very good job because now Maybelline had seperate the lipstick to 3 shades which is red, browns and pick/mauve group, so u just got to aim for the colour group that you wish to buy. Plus the price was RM19.88 and this price is usually lower the normal price is RM24.90.
I must that it is moisturising and i like the thin feeling becaue i hate lipstick that feel very thick on lips. Well if u guys thinking of getting a new lip color checkout the new collection and i'm sure u will buy one if u go.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


How are you guys doing? As i promise in my facebook account, here is the entry about Songkran, mostly people know Songkran as an wet water splashy event, but the true fact is it is starts with prayers, sai bart(food offerings), cleansing the buddha, water poring to monks hands and feat and later the water fiesta. In addition today the monks decides to do the prayers for the decease as well.
Here the monk announce to all the temple members to write the names of the deceased parents,grandparents and relative, so that the prayers is send to the respective elders. It is to note to people, although there is fiesta, we still remember our relatives that has been call earlier, it is also to let them feel peace in the other world(thereafter).
The names are put in a bowl, chanting by the monks and later the names are burn and the holy water called thruat nam is poured, later this water is pour to a tree.
Next is sai bart or food offering.There are 2 foods here, one is for the offering and another is for sai bart.
there is also donations made.
after finish sai bart, the monks have their lunch and later us. The food are brought by us the wat members, some include fried chicken,vegetables, fruits, and lots of other dish, this depends on us.
Next around 2pm, the monks start chanting for buddha cleasing, so the monks pour the water to buddha first and later by us.It is believed that doing this will bring good luck and prosperity for the New Year.

The throwing of water originated as a way to pay respect to people, by capturing the water after it had been poured over the Buddhas for cleansing and then using this "blessed" water to give good fortune to elders and family by gently pouring it on the shoulder.
Later we cleanse the buddha and it is our turn to pour the water to monks, sorry guys i did not take pictures because i do not want to wet myself and my camera.

Later the water splashing and talc war begins

and the water is actually holy water that monks chant for a few days it consits of water, perfume,lime and also flowers

Some people might not understand and start splashing people without waiting for the prayer, it is why we the ones who knows must let people know that they have to cleanse the buddha, the monks, the elders and later to one another. After that the monks will chant again and splash us with holy water and this marks the end of the water celebration. I did not get wet because of the water but i was wet helping my mom cleaning the temple water, it is fun to watch but i just do not want to be soaking wet like this guy over here.

Well this is basically how a small thai community celebrate Songkran in Malaysia.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm goldilocks with curly hair

Hahaha, it's really funny when people say i permed my hair, little that they know i have original curly hair,it is the way i comb my hair that makes the different. Just imagine i have to put olive oil and a anti frizz cream each time to comb. If i wash my hair i have to put conditioner on it no matter how rushing the shower is going to be.
Curl enhancer lotion is necessary to maintain the pretty curls, i use Loreal Curl Power to maintain it. When i used it it looks like i am using curly thong to curl my hair which is fun to watch and yes i do look at the mirror more when i have the curl lotion on just to check i look neat.

I learn to love my hair even more, i think people who straighten their hair is actually having problem to maintain the curl and they think curly hair is not pretty. In fact sometimes straight hair is sometimes seen as dull, with curly hair you can control the length of your hair, it is how you comb it, the more you comb the longer it will be and the less curly it will be.
Although curly hair is basically genetic, one can easily have curly hair with curly thong and even wrapping and twisting their hair. Look out for videos and tutorials for this if you are quite bored with straight hair.
The most important part is moisturizing the hair because curly hair usually is dry, for time to time i do apply vitamin to my hair, and wash every alternate days. So if you complain how bad you look with your hair do something, for me i love my hair. Checkout my hair after i put my curly lotion

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips! makeup and save up! woohoo

I know i'm not really the qualified person to advice people how should they spend their money, but you do not loose anything while reading this, probably you will gain something. Let's go:

1)Once you get your paycheck or any source of income, the 1st think u have to do is to save, yes to save, usually people spend 1st. Why? Some people say they fail to save money because they have lot's to spend on, so next time, save first, make sure u have to have at least 2 saving account, one which u will not take out money(long term saving eg. ASB, ASN,ASW) and other one is your short term account which serves withdrawal many times until run dry lol.The portion depends on you but you have to save at least 5% on the long term and you choose how much you want to save in the other account.

2)When you purchase something think whether you need or want that stuff. If it is necessary you buy and if not walk away from that place.

3) When purchasing think of the practical sides of that thing, for example purchase of a black shoe is better than blue or green shoes.It is because you can match the black shoe with lots of clothes and accesories.When purchasing make up buy only colours that you need to match with your clothes, don't buy because it is new or it's pretty. Purchase because you need to replace the finish ones.

4) Colours of basic lipstick one should have brown,red, mauve and pink. So the most is 4 lipstick

5) Buy one clear lipgloss so you can match all the colour - imagine how much you can save here.

6) Basic eyeshadow colour one should have - pink, purple, gold,green,blue,brown,black, so others are optionals

6) One should have basic black mascara depends on your choice waterproof or washable

7) When purchasing skincare you should buy according to your skin type, do not fall for all skin types, all skin types is basically normal skin, and sometimes you will have to buy a new set because it does not suits you. So go for trial pack or tester if available.

8) Top and base coat for nails. Do you know they sell top n base coat 2 in 1, so u save money rather than buying 2 separate bottle.

9) Powder - to save money use translucent powder but it is not very mobile plus it does not come with a mirror, instead buy compact press powder.

10) Perfume vs scented lotion - lot of people love perfumes even i do, so how to solve this, buy scented lotion, it does not only smell good u get to moisturize your skin, if you love perfume buy unscented or baby lotion.

11) To save money for make up remover - use olive oil to remove make up save up too. Note please wash your face instantly right after.

13) Budgeted/drug store make up vs high end - hunt for cheap but high quality product, sometime you need to experiment, if it is not good you don't really feel the lost.

Evaluate your spending pattern time to time and repeat this tips, there's more to come ok!

This IZ it?

I just took IZ cover album with a note to the owner. Ok well if u guys think this hunk is familiar, yes he is the IZ , he used to sing in OIAM back then. After so long without any news so i thought IZ is no longer in the industry, i was so wrong when 1 nite on the tv show 8tv nite, IZ is there together with Moe Nasrul(the gothic chubby funny guy opps) and Mike Campton (mat salleh ooo). Wow my eyes could not believe that is IZ after so long, well he was/ and still active right after competing in OIAM.

I get all the info i need to stay connected with IZ and was really happy to be one of his fans. So i saw IZ on tv3 in Wanita Hari Ini and he did premiered his latest song which is called JAUH, so i get to hear his new song yesterday and again great news, IZ is representing Malaysia in VOIZE awards, kindly vote for him ya
Ok another good news IZ is representing Malaysia for the WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) and he is going to Hollywood. Wow! Ok so u guys want to know more about IZ's achievement and get connected with him, here is how:

Facebook fanpage - search IZ

Blog - kindly check u guys can also click the title to this for post for easier access ok.

So i just wanna wish goodluck to our homegrown singer songwriter IZ, make Malaysia proud ya, do checkout his songs on his fanpage and vote for his song here

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Simplysiti Or Simply Me

Well, i guess by now u guys have already know that i was one of the 10 lucky fastest to click RSVP on watson events, therefore i get to takes pictures with the famous Dato Siti Nurhaliza,she is rank the most popular artists in Malaysia for 2009 and this her 13th time she won this title, back to the main story i met new friends and one old friend there, Everyone was excited that we get to take pictures as we were guaranteed the spot, now lots of people came as u guys already know judging by the local newspaper, the fact that it's a new make up line in Malaysia, lots of ladies try out, Personally i am impressed with how the foundation look on people's face, but i am not so optimistic with 2 way cake because my face tend to look cakey if i do apply, anyways i love the lipstick and lipgloss duo, i love the colour Sweet Romance , because mauve suits my skin and the fact that the gloss matches my other lipstick. I went to 3 different watson just to get it but it' not available,there's always tomorrow. I heard good feedbacks from other people so i guess i would love to try other products.

Here are a few facts about myself regarding beauty stuff:
1) I will only use liquid/gel foundation.
2) Does not own red lipstick n i mean the merah nya mak ngah kind of colour which is chilli red or deeper than that.
3) Love fruit scents over floral scents for perfumes.
4) Will stick to the products that really works although there are other variants.
5) My skin improve tremendously with Olay Total Effects.
6) In love with green and blue eyeshadows
7) Popular for my shocking pink lipstick u can catch me wearing it most of the time.
8) U can spot me make up free with messy look in town too.
9) I have unsual fashion clothes for plus size and do get compliments.
10)I can fit the XL size, it's more than XL guys.
11) Will wear kain batik and will tie it short, as short as wearing shorts.
12) Love glitters/shimmers eyeshadow, blush,lipstick.
13) U know me i am in and out of trend sometimes

Is is SimlySiti Or Simply Me

Well, i guess by now u guys have already know that i was one of the 10 lucky fastest to click RSVP on watson events, therefore i get to takes pictures with the famous Dato Siti Nurhaliza,she is rank the most popular artists in Malaysia for 2009 and this her 13th time she won this title, back to the main story i met new friends and one old friend there, Everyone was excited that we get to take pictures as we were guaranteed the spot, now lots of people came as u guys already know judging by the local newspaper, the fact that it's a new make up line in Malaysia, lots of ladies try out, Personally i am impressed with how the foundation look on people's face, but i am not so optimistic with 2 way cake because my face tend to look cakey if i do apply, anyways i love the lipstick and lipgloss duo, i love the colour Sweet Romance , because mauve suits my skin and the fact that the gloss matches my other lipstick. I went to 3 different watson just to get it but it' not available,there's always tomorrow. I heard good feedbacks from other people so i guess i would love to try other products.

Here are a few facts about myself regarding beauty stuff:
1) I will only use liquid/gel foundation.
2) Does not own red lipstick n i mean the merah nya mak ngah kind of colour which is chilli red or deeper than that.
3) Love fruit scents over floral scents for perfumes.
4) Will stick to the products that really works although there are other variants.
5) My skin improve tremendously with Olay Total Effects.
6) In love with green and blue eyeshadows
7) Popular for my shocking pink lipstick u can catch me wearing it most of the time.
8) U can spot me make up free with messy look in town too.
9) I have unsual fashion clothes for plus size and do get compliments.
10)I can fit the XL size, it's more than XL guys.
11) Will wear kain batik and will tie it short, as short as wearing shorts.
12) Love glitters/shimmers eyeshadow, blush,lipstick.
13) U know me i am in and out of trend sometimes

Friday, April 9, 2010

This is mine!

Hi guys, today entry is about Miki Boy, being the youngest and a kitty makes me loves him so much. Miki is a mix of naughty and good kitty. Miki will always drink and try to eat what ever we give everytime. A 5 minutes chores such as hanging clothe can last 15-20 minutes because miki is busy going between our legs, hugging our leg, hanging on my skirt or kain batik, seriously if u guys come to my house with skirts or kain sarung/kain batik be very cautios! Anyways i spot miki boy chasing after mr froggy yesterday and the day before, they were really funny to watch, mr froggy was hoping so fast to save his life hahahaha! Oh yes miki boy likes to meow asking us to join him to play and sometimes i do go out when miki called.
Well checkout the photo, focus on the doormat, this is the 2nd time miki snatch away our doormat. My mom was suprised how could doormat can be missing, it's so unlogic, once my mom step out of the house, she saw Miki boy and mak meow were sleepy soundly on top of the doormat. It's theirs now. Another doormat was hang to dry, once dry it fall down from the place that we hang and again they already booked it. Anyway pets can be come to naughty.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is that love?

Wow, i couldn't believe a 15 year old would do this, what was she thinking? Being in love is a good thing, but as far as i am concern there's a point in life where she can do all that. Little that she knows she's making a biggest mistake in her life. I'm sure a lot of people might have advise her on her so call decision to get married. If i were in her shoes i would have choose my parents.
A man who really love her would have come up and ask for marriage from the girl's parents, persuading her to runaway does show lack of maturity and insincerity. Seriously, i wish god would give her the guidance as she is too young to make this mistake. What can a 19 year old boy do to support her, i don't feel that both of them are ready for marriage life,seriously i'm 28 and i am really thinking deeply about this.
What is wrong with people this days? What have you become? Day by day they are more weird and unthinkable cases happen. Some are rather not logic. What makes people become so cruel, so selfish, so arrogant? Is it influences from other culture or the person itself. If u guys are reading this, do care more for the people around you especially the younger ones, lead them with good example, show them the right way, educate them, i am really upset with cases of people throwing out babies, what is this! It's rather frustrating.
Pure love are love for your parents and immediate family, to your religion, to the people who cares and guide you to the right way, not to some horny opposite sex. I feel that i am getting angry , really. Anyways it is their life, what can i do is pray, may god show us mercy and guide us till the end and thereafter

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Froggy friend

Mostly people know that i have cats at home, what people do not know is i accidentally have squirrels on my mango tree and frogs, For this blogpost let us focus on mr froggy here, based on my view there are 3 frogs, 1 which enters from the back door and stays in the kitchen, the other 2 are in front of the house.
Mr froggy use my cats water bowl to cool down on a hot night, i can see very well there's another friend mr froggy brings. My cats mak mew n miki boy will let dear mr froggy use their drinking bowl, i think they were talking among themselves

Mr froggy : I want to use this drinking bowl as mu tub, i did my part eating mosquito for u guys
Miki boy : What is mosquito mak?
Mak mew : It the flying insect who sucks blood oh miki
Miki boy : The one make me itch n suck my blood
Mak Mew : Yes miki, master say they bring this denggi fever, remember how master close the window when the black fog comes... if mosquito bite they get sick, so u can't play with master.
Miki boy : Oh, now i know, Mr froggy u can use our bowl, just make sure u don't leave poo poo inside.
Mr froggy : Thank u kitties, u r good to me
Mak mew : No problem froggy.

Well, often i saw miki boy run after Mr froggy but they actually get along very well, Till we meet again.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pleasures By Estee Lauder

I always love scents, mostly people who knows me very well, know i am a perfume junkie, a fragrance addict n one of the perfume i love the most is Estee Lauder Pleasures. The name itself met the purpose, it does give me the pleasure, each time purchasing perfume i always compare it to Pleasures. Pleasures is more of a scent that is elegant, classic and timeless. It's floral notes remind me of a garden of flowers,it's not over powering, so subtle and mesmerizing. I feel very feminine wearing it, it's hard to explain but it gifts me the lift.The bottle design is simple, remind me of how simple thing can be so beautiful. I can never go wrong with it, will use it day n night. I totally love the scent. I used to work in a departmental stores in beauty and fragrance section, now matter how many new scent arrive each day,month or year, still love it, still wanting it,still using it n still...still... i'm been so loyal to the scent i could forget my ex boyfriend, when i take a sniff of it every time, i can easily recognized the pleasures scent , it stuck in my head,my mind n my nose of course... it's such a pretty scent. If anyone would like to order perfume here is a link for u guys to check out.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow, 3rd January, blogging away again today. It's raining outside, it's still monsoon season. I have this feeling when it rain i feel depressed that my clothes are not dry. Hey, i should be thankful because rain is a sign a blessing of god to us. The rain wet all those dry land. They are being refresh, you know like how we showered and drink, that is just the same principle apply. Plus i still remember when, i was studying back in secondary school, i used to get wet a lot when going to/back from school, i will not wait for the rain to stop because it will rain for hours and hours. I do like the cold weather, this is when i borrow my bro n my mum's sweater or long sleeve shirt. I am lil bit naughty. My cat looks boring when it rains because they can't go for a walk, they will sleep during the rain and go out play,work and explore just right after the rain stop. animals know when it's going to rain, my cat kimchi will come home right before the rain starts pouring.Hey i love when it rains not that i hate, just sometimes i just can get used to the rain and wetness everyday. Be bless during the rain.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Glitter Graphics

Happy New Year Glitter Pictures

Wow. today is already 2nd January 2010. My first entry on 2010, while others celebrate new year's eve at the most happening place, i was at home helping consoling a friend because she is too stress about her job. I think new year is just like any other day, the calender change some numbers and it's just a new day. Do i need a resolution, yes but resolution will stay as a resolution if i did not do something to change/achieve it. I see the world differently now it is all because of 2012 the movie of course. Life is short, i want mine to be really meaningful not to waste anymore things/money, time and whatever things that is not necessary. I will not do any specific goals for now because i have to evaluate/look back at things, well it is a lot. I'm looking forward to change/add/less certain things. I'm going to a checklist about it too. Well today, i saw a blog writer which is so famous and there are a lot of followers, does it really matters, well no, blog are suppose to be you, about you, what are you,who are you, there's no need to seek for popularity, for me it is just a medium to release something in my mind. Well, whatever it is i'm happy about myself, i no longer feel stress,i'm calm, i don't cry and weep easily like i use too, i want to change and i will. Happy New Year 2010, let it bring the best for us. Sadhu!Sadhu!Sadhu!