Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost and found

Not very sure of what i should write on today. I felt that i am a different person these few days, something happen that make me think. I went to a relative engagement party,i was suprised to see my long lost friend was actually the sister of the soon to be an addition to my relative and family.

My cat that is lost for three days had come back home. At first i thought that i would be sad and depressed about it but then i actually believe that the cat had to do so because he is big enough and can be independent. But it turn out he came back after 3 days . Still the same but a bit thin my cat is actually a fat one so i could really tell the difference.

And to day my aunt past away....couldn't go because i think let my dad go instead,always happens that when a relative past away my dad or mum would go back to their hometown.

Life is about changes....believe it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hey...2day i feel so bored. Hmm...not sure of what to do today... I kindda feel frustrated about people in myspace. They kindda want something more which i am not comfortable off. They misuse myspace as a place for the 3 or 4 letter word that i am censoring. I have feelings and kinda feel offended. Guys there is a thing call myspace and that space i need ok. Plz change a bit ok. Or find somebody else. I'm kinda piss off already. By the way... i am looking for material to write on my financial blog. I find that it is much more exciting doing things that i am comfortable of and be very good at. Anyway...i love msn financial tips so do check it out k.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Reason to blog

Hey, i'm back in here.... So why do i or maybe you guys out there write blog.

1) To express opinion in your own way.
2) To be a good writer one need to exercise their grammar and vocabulary.
3) To make your very own online diary or journal.
4) You simply have nothing to do but when you are online you type
5) You feel inspired by something and wanna share.
6) A medium to tell someone you know or even stranger about your current feeling and situation and you want their feedback and comments.
7) You have a place where you can publish your poetry,article, video or songs.
8) You wanna try and you had fall in love with blogging.
9) Is has become your new hobby
10)You feel empty when you don't blog.

There.... so start writing your own blog and share with all what you have to think.