Thursday, March 26, 2009


rasa sedih sgt tp apa boleh buat aku ni tak faham2 kehendak org...apa lg faham hati org.... aku pujuk diri aku sendiri jer...then minta best friends yg ada support from behind. maybe sekarang masa utk tumupu psl diri sendiri jer.... jauh dah dan dah byk yg dilalui... kekadang rasa hati mcm dah tak leh nak fungsi jer. tambah lg dengan sakit yg aku ada ni taklah.... sekarang ni rehat jer lah buat apa yg patut...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dettol Shower Gel

I bought dettol shower gel for RM8.50 at guardian. It is from Reckitt Benckiser company Malaysian made though. Approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health. I use hygenic pink bottle. It leaves my skin soft and moisturize. Well, i still use shokubutsu shower gel and lux bar soap alternately but due to skin irritation i decide to buy this product. I am not really a fan of the scent however since it is acceptable to the nose i guess it is ok. From my reading bar soap can be contaminated with bacteria ..... so buying soap for bath must think again huh. Anyway, it does help overcome the itchiness. I would like to try other types of product from the same brand. For further info click at the title above.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lady Speed Stick

I been using this brand for sometime. My favorite are Wild Freesia and Orchard Blossom. Made in USA from Colgate Palmolive.Price is around RM6.90 at mydin, RM8.90 at watson and guardian. The scent is long lasting, dry and does not give white residue at our underarm. The package is purple in colour with easy grip bottle. I haven't change to any brand ever since i use it from i was in diploma in year 2000. Really satisfied with this product.

Johnson's Baby Lotion

I been using johnson's baby lotion for a very long time. Made in Malaysia by Johnson & johnsons.Well the price is rm13.90 at mydin, rm14.90 - rm16.90 at guardian for the 500 ml bottle for the normal variant. I usually use the aloe vera & vitamin e range i find that it actually reduce itchiness and also scar. I also like johnson's baby softlotion calming for the relaxing smell. Recently i had severe dryness at my skin i use johnson's baby softlotion 24 hour moisture it smell nice bubble gum like. It did cure the dryness flaky skin in 3 days. Honestly i had all this variant at home haha.... keep using them alternately.My all time favorite brand for lotion. Just apply as much as you need, i recommend you use lotion right after having bath/shower. Use it at least 2 a day for excellent result. Oh, the vitamin e and aloe vera type can prevent from cracked heel use before u go to sleep.Click on the title to view the website.


Well, my favorite fabric softener brand is softlan too. I usually purchase at grocery shop and also mydin for softlan. A bottle of 2 liter usually cost around RM6.90 and the 1 liter RM3.90. My favorite scent would be lavender in purple, peach (orange) sometimes if this scent is unavailable i will buy the usual floral fantasy (pink) and spring fresh. I notice now the lavender scent is available in 1 liter which means it must have been a favorite. I usually buy the normal type because i'm a sucker when it goes to the ultra concentrated. Well i think that it is unpractical to use the ultra type just to wash a few clothes or during handwash. I use i cap per washload. Smell really nice and the clothes are soft. Sometimes i find that the scent is still there although we had use the clothes for the whole day. Click on the title to view the website.

Top Powder Detergent

I bought blue packaging top powder detergent. RM5.90 for 1.1kg at grocery shop. The smell of top is nice and powerful. I also like the fact that my fine hands is not allergic to powder detergent as i usually do. Cleans really well.However the powder type is not as same as the liquid type therefore i add the link, just click on the header. Comes with super hygenic (yellow), super colour (blue) and super white (red).


I bought top liquid detergent at the store. The price is RM15.89 for 3 liter. I bought blue oceania fragrance. I really love this product. It comes with 3x the power of washing. I find it much better that dynamo liquid detergent. It cleans better and easily rinsed. No need to put fabric softener. Kind to hands to i use this both for hand and machine wash. It also have a very long lasting fragrance. I rate this product 5 star. The fun part was it comes in a thin clear blue liquid easily dissolve in water. Although i think it is expensive at first but then u have option fo buying this product for RM8.90 for 1.8 liter which means if we r broke we still can buy top. Available in anti-bacterial(yellow),blue oceania,fresh tropicana,and colour care. Also available in powder type.


I bought downy concentrated for rm3.20 at local grocery shop nearby my house. My review is more towards rose+vanilla scent.Comes from P&G made in Malaysia.Well, at first i open up the bottle i was very please with the smell but when i used it i don't find it nice anymore. I use only half cap. Although it does soften the clothes the overpowering smell makes me unbearable. One thing i find ironic is that if i did smell downy from other people clothes it seem very nice hmmm... weird. Well, it does what it says which is you used it a little only. The consistency is thin pink liquid reminds me of sirap bandung hehehe..... Well, i am still very hard trying to finish this product rather than throw it in the dustbin. Downy is from P&G company. 200ml. The biggest bottle i think around RM11.90 if not mistaken.

Conclusion: I don't like this product.


Comfort Fabric Softener

I bought Comfort fabric softener at the store and the price is RM7.60 for 2.2 litre. My choice is Happy Blue. Made in Malaysia by Unilever.It comes in a blue easy to hold bottle. The fragrance was amazingly fresh, baby like pleasant smell. Somehow it made me remind of my boyfriend hehe. The smell was just nice not to overpowering nor too soft. Once i open up the bottle i could see that the consistency of the softener was thick. I use only 1/2 cap as my washing is not that much. The cup has indicator line for 1/2 and 3/4 cap for easy usage. However, the downside of the cap is consumer can easily spill as the cap is not like softlan's cap much better won't spill. I am very please with this product as it also softens my clothes. Although i find the price is quite high but the satisfaction had overcome the price issue here. I would like to try the other fragrance available in this brand.