Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost and found

Not very sure of what i should write on today. I felt that i am a different person these few days, something happen that make me think. I went to a relative engagement party,i was suprised to see my long lost friend was actually the sister of the soon to be an addition to my relative and family.

My cat that is lost for three days had come back home. At first i thought that i would be sad and depressed about it but then i actually believe that the cat had to do so because he is big enough and can be independent. But it turn out he came back after 3 days . Still the same but a bit thin my cat is actually a fat one so i could really tell the difference.

And to day my aunt past away....couldn't go because i think let my dad go instead,always happens that when a relative past away my dad or mum would go back to their hometown.

Life is about changes....believe it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hey...2day i feel so bored. Hmm...not sure of what to do today... I kindda feel frustrated about people in myspace. They kindda want something more which i am not comfortable off. They misuse myspace as a place for the 3 or 4 letter word that i am censoring. I have feelings and kinda feel offended. Guys there is a thing call myspace and that space i need ok. Plz change a bit ok. Or find somebody else. I'm kinda piss off already. By the way... i am looking for material to write on my financial blog. I find that it is much more exciting doing things that i am comfortable of and be very good at. Anyway...i love msn financial tips so do check it out k.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Reason to blog

Hey, i'm back in here.... So why do i or maybe you guys out there write blog.

1) To express opinion in your own way.
2) To be a good writer one need to exercise their grammar and vocabulary.
3) To make your very own online diary or journal.
4) You simply have nothing to do but when you are online you type
5) You feel inspired by something and wanna share.
6) A medium to tell someone you know or even stranger about your current feeling and situation and you want their feedback and comments.
7) You have a place where you can publish your poetry,article, video or songs.
8) You wanna try and you had fall in love with blogging.
9) Is has become your new hobby
10)You feel empty when you don't blog.

There.... so start writing your own blog and share with all what you have to think.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My kitten past away 2day.... so sad.... 1 Nov - 27 Nov. Special mew's kitten


Wow, yesterday i went to Kuantan Plaza to buy myself dinner...After that, i waited for my dad in front of the Green Point shop near Mega Pertama Electrical shop. I try to call my dad many times asking him to reach the bike faster because the food was really heavy. Then, when my dad came...An explosion occured was so shocked.The double A shop near green point was opn fire but it not that big...i was already shocked and immediately scream so that people above would come down...Well the building is 3 floors. One of the staff in Mega Pertama come down and ter to put off the fire. But the fire extinguisher did not really work. Affin bank staff comes and attempt to put off the fire...and it work. Then the bomba came by i was relief.... But i learn something yesterday that always expect the unexpected.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What a spin!!!

Well today i went for the pre-L driving class. The class was funny and full of laughter. I really enjoy the class today,but too bad didn't get the chance to learn how to reassemble and assemble tyres la. Anyway the best part and what makes me spin is that my driving teacher bring me for a spin in the driving route with a friend that i used to take my bus ride with...Wow, there is a lot of things to remember. I did learn from her mistakes. But the roundabout make me feel kinda dizzy well 4 times spinning at the same spot mah.. oh, yes she was quite embrassed that she make mistakes but i did told her that we are still learning. I really enjoy myself and i know on this coming Thursday it will be deferent to sit on the driving seat and not on the passager seat.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Today, i decide to write a movie review on the story beowulf that i saw yesterday with my friend Suriati. The story to me was not that exciting but there is a few part that make me to comment. I can't differenciate between real people and animation. The actor and actress i can't tell whether they are true or just a computer graphic. I was wanting to look at angelina jolie but she only appear like a guest star only a few minutes. But the best part of this story is the background music, the fighting scene was my favourite, kinda stop eating popcorn and just watch Beowulf fight the monster and his son. I wonder why Beowulf like to sleep naked. Huh...oh i give credit to the monster creater...that was the most ugliest and eewy monster i have ever since. is it worth the money to go and watch... i say yes if you watch with your bestfriend. Just click on the beowulf title of my blog it will bring you to the official website.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I guess it is a trend for me to name the title in one word. Relationship i associate the word with connections. My status right now single...Why? Hmmm....good question... I skip that... Relationship is important how do you bonded with friends, family or your loves ones. With friends...don't you wish to meet your bestfriend or friends from your childhood. I read in the newspaper that my late friend Shaifullah Barnawi who had passed away last christmas...well his father had received his insurance coverage that is claimed by university for my late friend. I was not a very close friend with him but i always discuss and talk to him when we had our meeting especially during Jawatankuasa Penginapan dan Kebajikan Pelajar. If he is still alive he would have graduated along on August this year. Oh and i remembered another friend late Wan Nur Salawiyah who last time i saw was in school.. i found her in friendster..she was happy to hear about me at that time and who knew that it was the last time i heard from her...and i noticed that the day before she past away she was on friendster maybe looking around for friends for the last time. Hmmm...make your best at having relationship we never knew what will happen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Say bye- bye to stress...
How often you feel stress...Everyday, sometimes or rarely? Although stress is always associated with negative impact on human life there is always a positive side of it.
Having stress huh...These are a few steps if you are having stress..
1. Take a few moments to relax, take a deep breath.
2. Stop thinking about things that make you stress.
3. If the cause is work, then how about finishing it as soon as possible, the faster you step out of it the better.
4. Try watching comedy and something that makes you laugh.
5. Connect. Call your love ones. Tell your bestfriend, parents or anyone that makes you feel ok.
6. Think positive try to be optimistic and always look on the bright side.
7. Go on a holiday, there is no need to plan for a vacation but a day off would be great huh.
8. Exercise, you will feel healthier and much better.
9. Manage your time, sometimes you should reorganize your plan.
10. Try praying or meditation.
11. If possible avoid things that can make you stress and
12. If it is unavoidable then accept it positively. the key is your mind.


Have you come across songs that pierce you heart off when you listen to it. I certainly had. I think if the strong so powerful it means that the songwriter, lyricist and singer had done their job from the heart. Just think, take your time and think about the song that you like. I give you 1 example : My all (mariah carey) don't you think that if you are really going to lose that some one or they step out from your life and all you can think of is to spend one last time with them and give your all. Wah i think that if i hear this song while thinking of someone from the past i might turn out to be Mariah carey and singing my heart out.Oh, one malay song that always make me feel sentimental is Mungkir Bahagia by Hazami. Oh what a song can even cry. What else to say just listen what he has to tell.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My favourite website

This are my favourite website and a must for me when i am log on onto the web...For downloading latest apllication i go to get in touch with friends and family there is always and and the latest oh and i also have accounts hehe.Oh yes... if i wanna watch video,drama and movies.... and also and also there is veoh tv that can be downloaded from hehe.Oh yes if i am looking for mp3 i use limewire oppssss..... also there is always youtubedownloader hehe....Oh and i also view latest handphone from and also official sonyericsson and nokia website.If you have a goodwebsite care to recommend me ok!!!!


Adus..... terkejut bila dapat keputusan ujian statik berkomputer (undang-undang jalan raya tuh). Dengan perasaan bangga kononnya aku ni grad accounting bachelor degree boleh lah pas dengan mudah. Nak kata tak studi studi juga.... Sejak dari hari yang aku pergi kelas KPP yang 5 jam tuh...Baca jer kejanya.... Tapi ada juga ler tengok tv sampai lupa diri. Pas tu alergi muka aku menjadi2 pulak..... alasan jer malas nak studi bajet soalan tuh senang lah sebab aku berpendapat soalan-soalan tuh leh pakai logik akal.... tapi bila test huh dapat 39/50 iaitu di bawah standard lulus. Pas tu bila dah fail baru le aku ingat petanda- petanda awal pagi tuh (9hb Nov 07) bangun sikit punya awal pukul 6.30 pagi dah bangun semangatlah konon. Pas tu boleh pulak sakit perut cirit birit...takpelah normal ler tu kalau nervous kan aku memang macam nih... Aku pun suruh ler bapa kau pergi dulu aku naik jer bas .... bila dah sampai naik bas.... uncle pulak dah tinggalkan aku uaaa.... tunggu ler bas pukul 9 lebih.... Anyway lepas dah fail gi ler jumpa aunty kat sekolah memandu tu set up tarikh baru.. 12 nov lak exam.... Aku pun tukar strategi belajar macam masa kat umt dulu... wat nota pakai kertas A4...siap pakai colour pen lagi tuh.... Menghafal cam hafal nota masa final exam.... berkat kesungguhan aku.... aku pas le dapat 45/50. Bukan nak bangga diri tapi sebabkan gagal test nilah baru aku perasan apa yang kita baca tuh kenalah baca betul2 dan fahamkan... pastu jangan ingat diri tu terror...... Apa pun aku percaya kalau ada kemahuan pasti ada jalan..... Usaha lagi.... Tapi satu hal aku rasa cam kebal dah dengan kegagalan maklumlah asyik gagal jer. Apapun aku pasrah...