Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simplysiti Simply Perfect 2 Way Cake Review

Hello guys, yes i know i have not write a single word for few months i guess, busy with work, then the broadband line isn't that strong and smooth, anyways there's a few products i am using lately and i am totally impress with it.
I have been using maybelline foundations for few years now but just simplysiti's 2 way cake just caught my eyes and i am so helpless, so help me god. Here's the thing, i have combination to oily skin and if i choose the wrong 2 way cake i will look horrible, u can see traces of the powder becomes uneven n yuck!...
So the only place which sells simplysiti product is watsons personal care store, the moment the product hit the store... bam all seems to be sold out... ok moving on, i use the Perfect 2 Way Cake and my shade is natural beige or TWC02, it can be considered as fair because Dato Siti herself use the shade no1. Anyways the finish of the foundation is smooth, not cakey, however it does really be able to handle my oily skin especially my nose so i have to touch it up with my revlon colour stay pressed powder. The good part was it does cover all the imperfections and leaving my skin soft and smooth and it smells really good too.
Lets talk about the packaging, well it comes with a grey silverish compact with sponge n there is a protective plastic to cover the foundation from cracking and moisture which i have not found in any other product.
Well the downside is probably that it does not come with refill, so u guys have to purchase the whole thing but i'm sure they will come up with the refill real soon. As for the price it is in medium range i totally forget the price but it is above rm55. So to sum up i gave 4 star to this product.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Loreal Curl Power

Hello! i know iknow it has been quite sometime me being not that active, I'm having fever,flu and a bit too tired this days, Life is hectic.Anyways, today I am going to review another 2 products from Loreal Studioline. Well just take a look at the pics below

Ok i have 2 of above products which is the curly lotion and and the mouse the one with the blue colour.
Well the curly lotion does work,i use as much as required and scrunch it but i feel that it is quite thick on the hair, the smells is not quite appealing for my liking, it does give us the curls, u still be able to comb thru your hair. But the thing is the curl will not stay as long as the mouse.

Well my favorite would be the mouse the smell is so fresh and citrus, 1st i shake the bottle, turn it downwards, squeeze as big as an orange, and work the product to the hair. Scrunch and im good to go, it does not make the hair stiff, instead it makes my hair shiny and the curls stay so long , the product contains oil, so remember not to spread it all over ur scalp, as i have dry hair the the oil works wonders for my hair, it is well moisturize, and i love the way my hair looks, plus my hair becomes soft. ok the price of these 2 products is RM20- RM25 depends on where u buy and whther there's sales at the drugstore.

Personally i love the mouse and will keep buying it...LOVE IT!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyday is a learning process

Hello, mek in da house, oh yes, some might ask where am i, well i was busy with work and now back at home working. I don't have fancy table, well equipped with gadgets, i only have my old pc with broken printer. Sometimes it sucks totally when my monitor burst (total loss after that) and i bought phillips lcd monitor only 15 inch wide, then later my cpu keep restarts and unable to open, as a result new motherboard.

When i got home the whole thing looks different already n later me and my bro install Windows 7 to our not so up-to-date pc, later realizing we don't have any drivers, so working with updating the software online. But today my patience is put to the test when my old printer lexmark z615 is not compatible with windows 7, i was really upset that i was thinking of buying a new printer, lucky my lil bro was here with me and we were trying to look for some solutions and then try to download other printer from z600 series that could run with Vista, yeay it turn out ok, i was really happy it work out for me.

Later realizing that everyday is a learning process, we will learn from a very small thing it is just whether we realize or not, if we have problem don't just sit there and cry, seek help hahaha, in this case i was shouting and cursing of course, check my facebook wall updates lol. Oh well, technology is always changing it is up to us to seek for the knowledge right... well see u soon and you are the teacher of your ownself. Love and kissess..xoxo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've grown up!

Miki Boy climbing the window
Hello today i decide to thrown in updates of my beloved cats. Miki boy is now a big boy woohoo, he managed to catch his 1st mouse, i'm so proud of him, although rats are eeewwiii, yucky and not so handsome as Miki but still we bear to watch him toss and turn that poor creature, all this while he only kill cockroach and lizard. Mouse is a big deal because it's food and signs that he will be able to survive if later Miki boy choose to be an independent tabby.

I feel like a proud mom to it's child, unlike other people they brag about their babies i talk about me kitty. Because i have non yet, that why la. Ok again back to Miki Boy, every achievement example his 1st climb to the window,1st climb to car tyre, 1st time scratching wood to sharp nails by its own are achievement just like how babies achievement in clinic muahahahaha. It's a good sign just imagine i was there when he 1st came out to his 1st eye opening a week later to, his 1st crawl all over the house compound to his first visit to the garden, it is such a good thing. Just transfer that to a mom feeling when we achieve something, sure my mom proud like me. Even my mom get excited sometimes when she discover it quite late though.
Ok now the new challenge, coming soon miki is going to be a taiko(big brother) the mommy is carry babies now, so poor Miki boy can't get mummy milk now have to drink plain water. So the next challenge is to introduce Miki Boy to bro and sis and make sure he doesn't kill them by accident. So wait for that update soon, so i do have to teach cat what can and can not do because sometimes mummy cat are to lazy to teach. Lot of love till we see more updates of them ya.Chow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Cream

Hello! Hello! How are u guys doing? Well today i decide to review Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream. I been using this cream almost a year now since i lost my job, actually i couldn't afford to buy anything since i don't have a job. Well even now that i have part time job and i can buy other types of cream, i couldn't because i really love this cream and it does work.
Ok basically if you are 25 years and above, you can start using any types of anti-aging products. This cream contains SPF 15 for those who need those SPF, there is the ones with non SPF, in gentle for sensitive skin and 1 more is i believe the Touch of foundation. Ok now let me tell you about my skin, i have acne prone skin and oily all over, i also have fine lines above my eyebrows.
Ever since i start using total effects i get lots of compliments that my skin looks better, i don't really breakout unless near to menstrual cycle which is only a spot or too. It does lighten a bit my skin colour.It claims to gibes us 7 benefits which are
1. Line Minimization: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles
2. Nourishing Moisturization: For a radiant, healthy glow
3. Tone Enhancement: Balances color & reduces appearance of age spots
4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture
5. Pore Refinement: Minimizes the appearance of pores
6. Free Radical Defense: Helps prevent damage to skin’s surface
7. Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance

So it does what it claims to do. The price is RM21.90 for 20g if you want to try out but i usually buy 50g bottle and the price is around RM32.90 but it can differ to places some sell at RM39.90 and some at RM35.80. It comes in a pump and you have to take out the nozzle before you want to use. You have to press few times at first before the cream comes out. The consistency of the cream is lite like a lotion almost, it a bit scented and the colour is very light peach orange colour.The cream absorbs quickly and if you put on make up it glides on smoothly. Overall my skin becomes firmer,fairer,smoother and softer too.This cream is actually Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores)and oil-free too.
I also use the facial cleanser in all skin types.But next time i will buy the one for oily skin because the all skin types might be a little too oily for me. Over all i give 8.5 over 10 stars for this cream.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gatsby Scrub and Facial Cleanser

Black Mega Scrub
Hello, well i know that some of my followers are boys too, here is a good product that i had try myself almost everyday. This product is bought my brother Romie, sometimes i feel like changing my facial cleanser or scrub i do grab his stuff in the shower. Ok now like the ladies mens should also take good care of their skin. i know most are pretty lazy and rely on your soap to wash your face right but i do recommend you guys to try out this pick of mine, of course since i use it myself it is much better right.
Ok picture above is what my brother usually scrub his face with and i also use it as well, i alternate this scrub with my St. Ives. This is a charcoal scrub, fascinating fact right, so u will be surprise to see that it is black in colour. It scrub is so fine, it glides on smoothly and to me it is combine with facial cleanser too, this scrub is so gentle to use daily but i use it sometimes.Ok the charcoal is actually to deep clean and for oil controlling, no wonder my brother face is less oily than we are, we do test on how oily our skin is using the Clean & Clear Oil control Film(checkout) this entry on my blog in previous writing.You will fresh and the aqua scented fragrance is lovely.

Extra Cool Foam
Yeay my favorite menthol facial cleanser, it is called Extra Cool Foam, now this cleanser cleanse quite well and i love the cooling effect on me, definitely if use right after waking up, u will stay awake with the menthol effect. Ok this 2 facial scrub and cleanser does not dry the skin and right after using i can feel fresh and my skin does feel smooth too, no wonder my brother keep using this, i'm not sure the price but it is not expensive at all since my brother is still studying. Oh well, so do try and check this 2 product when you guys visit the pharmacy or the local personal store.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oil Control Film by Clean and Clear

Yeay! another product that i love. Wow amazing results i get from this product, it does instantly removes excess oil like it claims too.After using you feel the difference on your skin, of course i stay at home there's no need for me to put on my pressed powder unless i want to go out right.

This oil absorbing sheet is way better than the ZA ones, i personally think this because it is blue in colour so once oil is absorbs to the sheet you can see clearly that it turns clearer on the sheet, well you can see that on the used film ok and that is oil from my skin. Yucks! but it so true, i have to prove it works right, that the whole point here.
Ok so it's not that expensive it is only around RM8, there's 50 sheet in a pack and the one i bought is added another 10 which means i get 60 silky sheet to use. Thinking of staying matte all day, well i do give u some options right, well it also claims that it will not smudge our makeup and no residue is left on our skin. 2 thumbs up from me.

Click on the title for link to the web for clean & clear