Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyday is a learning process

Hello, mek in da house, oh yes, some might ask where am i, well i was busy with work and now back at home working. I don't have fancy table, well equipped with gadgets, i only have my old pc with broken printer. Sometimes it sucks totally when my monitor burst (total loss after that) and i bought phillips lcd monitor only 15 inch wide, then later my cpu keep restarts and unable to open, as a result new motherboard.

When i got home the whole thing looks different already n later me and my bro install Windows 7 to our not so up-to-date pc, later realizing we don't have any drivers, so working with updating the software online. But today my patience is put to the test when my old printer lexmark z615 is not compatible with windows 7, i was really upset that i was thinking of buying a new printer, lucky my lil bro was here with me and we were trying to look for some solutions and then try to download other printer from z600 series that could run with Vista, yeay it turn out ok, i was really happy it work out for me.

Later realizing that everyday is a learning process, we will learn from a very small thing it is just whether we realize or not, if we have problem don't just sit there and cry, seek help hahaha, in this case i was shouting and cursing of course, check my facebook wall updates lol. Oh well, technology is always changing it is up to us to seek for the knowledge right... well see u soon and you are the teacher of your ownself. Love and kissess..xoxo

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