Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've grown up!

Miki Boy climbing the window
Hello today i decide to thrown in updates of my beloved cats. Miki boy is now a big boy woohoo, he managed to catch his 1st mouse, i'm so proud of him, although rats are eeewwiii, yucky and not so handsome as Miki but still we bear to watch him toss and turn that poor creature, all this while he only kill cockroach and lizard. Mouse is a big deal because it's food and signs that he will be able to survive if later Miki boy choose to be an independent tabby.

I feel like a proud mom to it's child, unlike other people they brag about their babies i talk about me kitty. Because i have non yet, that why la. Ok again back to Miki Boy, every achievement example his 1st climb to the window,1st climb to car tyre, 1st time scratching wood to sharp nails by its own are achievement just like how babies achievement in clinic muahahahaha. It's a good sign just imagine i was there when he 1st came out to his 1st eye opening a week later to, his 1st crawl all over the house compound to his first visit to the garden, it is such a good thing. Just transfer that to a mom feeling when we achieve something, sure my mom proud like me. Even my mom get excited sometimes when she discover it quite late though.
Ok now the new challenge, coming soon miki is going to be a taiko(big brother) the mommy is carry babies now, so poor Miki boy can't get mummy milk now have to drink plain water. So the next challenge is to introduce Miki Boy to bro and sis and make sure he doesn't kill them by accident. So wait for that update soon, so i do have to teach cat what can and can not do because sometimes mummy cat are to lazy to teach. Lot of love till we see more updates of them ya.Chow!

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