Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gatsby Scrub and Facial Cleanser

Black Mega Scrub
Hello, well i know that some of my followers are boys too, here is a good product that i had try myself almost everyday. This product is bought my brother Romie, sometimes i feel like changing my facial cleanser or scrub i do grab his stuff in the shower. Ok now like the ladies mens should also take good care of their skin. i know most are pretty lazy and rely on your soap to wash your face right but i do recommend you guys to try out this pick of mine, of course since i use it myself it is much better right.
Ok picture above is what my brother usually scrub his face with and i also use it as well, i alternate this scrub with my St. Ives. This is a charcoal scrub, fascinating fact right, so u will be surprise to see that it is black in colour. It scrub is so fine, it glides on smoothly and to me it is combine with facial cleanser too, this scrub is so gentle to use daily but i use it sometimes.Ok the charcoal is actually to deep clean and for oil controlling, no wonder my brother face is less oily than we are, we do test on how oily our skin is using the Clean & Clear Oil control Film(checkout) this entry on my blog in previous writing.You will fresh and the aqua scented fragrance is lovely.

Extra Cool Foam
Yeay my favorite menthol facial cleanser, it is called Extra Cool Foam, now this cleanser cleanse quite well and i love the cooling effect on me, definitely if use right after waking up, u will stay awake with the menthol effect. Ok this 2 facial scrub and cleanser does not dry the skin and right after using i can feel fresh and my skin does feel smooth too, no wonder my brother keep using this, i'm not sure the price but it is not expensive at all since my brother is still studying. Oh well, so do try and check this 2 product when you guys visit the pharmacy or the local personal store.


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Yihaa! all skincare are personally use n review by me, pasni tambah cantik kulit