Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oil Control Film by Clean and Clear

Yeay! another product that i love. Wow amazing results i get from this product, it does instantly removes excess oil like it claims too.After using you feel the difference on your skin, of course i stay at home there's no need for me to put on my pressed powder unless i want to go out right.

This oil absorbing sheet is way better than the ZA ones, i personally think this because it is blue in colour so once oil is absorbs to the sheet you can see clearly that it turns clearer on the sheet, well you can see that on the used film ok and that is oil from my skin. Yucks! but it so true, i have to prove it works right, that the whole point here.
Ok so it's not that expensive it is only around RM8, there's 50 sheet in a pack and the one i bought is added another 10 which means i get 60 silky sheet to use. Thinking of staying matte all day, well i do give u some options right, well it also claims that it will not smudge our makeup and no residue is left on our skin. 2 thumbs up from me.

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